Mission & Vision (Thornton Minor Hockey)

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Thornton Minor Hockey Association (TMHA) is committed to providing the best possible minor hockey league program for its players and members, in a spirit of cooperation with Associations and organizations with whom it conducts its hockey business with.


TMHA values and strives:

  • To protect and serve the mutual interest of all TMHA players, team officials and volunteers;
  • To place the player's safety and the game of hockey in the forefront of the organization;
  • To foster, promote and teach amateur (Local League) hockey and provide a fun-based opportunity for all players;
  • To develop and encourage sportsmanship and good fellowship among all players, team officials and parents;
  • To continue the positive experiences of our hockey program by providing leadership and initiatives that will develop a strong sense of organizational pride;
  • To continue to develop team officials and volunteers to carry out the expressed goals of TMHA;
  • To work with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) and Simcoe Region Local League (SRLL) in a cooperative spirit for the benefit of all.


TMHA is a Local League centre, which participates in the SRLL playing loop.  SRLL is the governing body for our centre, and all teams, coaches and players registered under TMHA.  The OMHA is the governing body for SRLL.  The OMHA provides SRLL with the playing guidelines for Local League hockey.
Thornton Minor Hockey does not have body checking at any level.