Frequently Asked Questions (Thornton Minor Hockey)

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What is Thornton Minor Hockey Association (TMHA)?
TMHA is a small organization with a competitive yet fun edge.  
TMHA is a Local League centre, which participates in the Simcoe Region Local League (SRLL) playing loop.  SRLL is the governing body for our centre, and all teams, coaches and players registered under TMHA.  The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) is the governing body for SRLL.  The OMHA and Hockey Canada provide SRLL with the playing guidelines for Local League hockey.


What is Local League (LL) hockey and how is it different from House League (HL) hockey?

LL centres participate in a level of hockey that is normally more competitive than HL hockey and requires more of a commitment.  HL hockey is where several teams are comprised of players from an individual centre, and those teams only play against each other (aside from tournaments).  There is little to no travel involved in HL.  By contrast, LL teams play in a regional loop made up of teams from several different centres, providing more variety and often more competition.
Are teams balanced?
Balancing is a topic that TMHA takes very seriously, recognizing that every child has the right to both win and lose as there are learning opportunities that comes from each experience.   Coaches are not involved in the making of teams, preventing them from the ability to “stack” a team.   Coaches and parents must understand that if balancing shall occur any child may be moved (with the exception of the child of the head coach only).   Should a coach fail to participate in the negotiation of balancing after the season has started they can be removed from their position and the adjustments will be made as required by the board to ensure teams to do not exceed the predetermined percentage spread mandated by SRLL (within 400%).  Should a team be unbalanced at the deadline mandated by SRLL, the associated fine is the responsibility of the team unless reasonable efforts have been made to prevent the unbalancing.

Is there body checking?
Thornton Minor Hockey does not have body checking at any level.

How many games are played?

Minor Novice – TBD – all games are played on modified/half ice, no playoffs, tournaments are jamboree-style

Novice – TBD – games are played on modified/half ice to January 14, 2021, then full ice games can be played from January 15, 2021 to the end of the season, no playoffs, tournaments are jamboree-style
Atom - minimum 26 regular season games, plus tournament-style playoffs
Peewee to Midget - 26 regular season games, plus minimum 2 rounds of playoffs

How many practices?

Minimum of 1 50-minute practice every week (full ice). A typical week consists of 1 practice, 1 home game and 1 away game.  During playoffs, practice times can be moved due to scheduling issues.



How long is the season?

Typically starts the first week of October and can run as late as the end of March if round 3 of play offs is achieved.


Are there tournaments?

Yes!  Tournaments are a fun way for teams to bond and spend more time together.  Teams are permitted to attend 3 tournaments per season, and can apply to attend more if desired.


Are tournament fees included?

No, teams typically ask for an additional amount per player, determined by the coach and manager, to cover the cost of tournaments.  Team fundraisers are allowed to supplement team budgets.  Fundraising requires prior approval from the executive to ensure it adheres to OMHA rules.


More questions?  Just email Amanda at [email protected] or Barb [email protected] and we’ll do our best to provide the information you’re looking for. 


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