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What is Thornton Minor Hockey Association (TMHA)?
TMHA is a great small organization with a competitive yet fun edge.  TMHA is a Local League centre, which participates in the Simcoe Region Local League (SRLL) playing loop.  SRLL is the governing body for our centre, and all teams, coaches and players registered under TMHA.  The OMHA is the governing body for SRLL.  The OMHA provides SRLL with the playing guidelines for Local League hockey.

How do we make up teams?

Coaches as asked to complete a player evaluation at the end of year to aid in the balancing for the following year, and because we are a smaller organization many people on the executive know the calibre of most players acknowledging the subjectiveness of the assessments.
Are teams balanced?

Balancing is a topic that we, as an executive, take very serious recognizing that every child has the right to both win and lose as there is exceptional learning that comes from each experience.   Coaches are not involved in the making of teams preventing them  from the ability to “stack” a team.   Coaches and parents are then asked to sign a waiver at the beginning of each season indicating that if balancing shall occur any child may be moved (with the exception of the child of the head coach).   Should a coach fail to participate in the negotiation of balancing after the season has started they are removed from their position and the adjustments will be made  as required by the board to ensure fail play (within 400 %).  Should a team become unbalanced at the time of playoffs the fine is the responsibility of the team unless reasonable efforts have been made to prevent  the unbalancing. 

Is there body checking?
Thornton Minor Hockey does not have body checking at any level.

How many games?

Tyke -16 games
Novice to Midget - 26 regular season games, as well as, minimum 2 rounds of playoffs

How many practices?

Minimum of one every week (full ice) .. (typical week is three hours in total,  I home game, 1 away game and 1 home practice).


Is there playoffs?

YES – depending on the size of the loop  every team is guaranteed two rounds of playoffs ( best 3 of 5) and are divided into two divisions based on regular season standings.


What is the price for the season?

IP and IP LL - $665
Tyke - $815
Novice to Midget -$975

How long is the season ?

Typically starts around October 15th and can run as late as March 30th  if round 3 of play offs is achieved.


Are there tournaments?

Yes- most teams go on two away tournaments (requiring hotel) and 1 local tournament


Are the tournament fees included?

NO- most teams ask for an additional $150-225 per player to cover the cost of tournaments.  Team fundraisers are allowed to supplement team budgets.  Fundraising requires prior approval from the executive.

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